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FAME Charter School is Closed effective June 30, 2015

Moving Forward, all CUME requests for your child should be sent to famestudents@acoe.org or faxed to 510.670.3516.


FAME is an acronym that stands for Families of Alameda for Multi-Cultural/Multi-Lingual Education. We are a not-for-profit California public charter school providing a free public school education to our students. FAME is the only countywide charter school authorized by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors and Alameda County’s largest charter school. We are an independently run charter school and operate as our own school district, which offers us greater flexibility in developing and operating our school.

FAME’s high school program is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. For more information, please see the Accreditation section of our website.

FAME is a unique hybrid school providing both site-based and independent study instruction.  We have three distinct programs:

  1. FAME @ Fremont:   a Kindergarten through 12th grade site based program
  2. FAME @ San Leandro:   a Kindergarten through 8th grade site based program
  3. FAME Independent Study:   a Kindergarten through 12th grade Personalized Learning Independent Study program

Each site provides a high quality program designed to meet the individual needs of the students it serves. All programs strive to optimize each child’s learning potential through rigorous and relevant academic programming.

As a countywide charter, we are in a unique position to meet the needs of our student body.  By providing a “menu” of programs, we are able to serve a diverse population of students with differing academic needs.  Enrollment is open to all students in Alameda County and the six contiguous counties surrounding it. Upon enrollment families can choose which of our three programs best suits the needs of their children and the family unit as a whole.

Each program operates as a small school under the larger FAME umbrella. The small schools model offers many benefits to our students and their families. Specifically, small schools have and offer:

  • More flexibility and responsiveness to student/parent/community needs
  • Individual attention and instruction tailored to student needs
  • Every student is visible and treated as a unique individual
  • A consistent educational experience for students over an extended period of time
  • A coherent focus and philosophy of education and a curriculum that is integrated around that focus
  • A cohesive group of teachers that collaborate and discuss the needs of their students
  • A sense of shared leadership and investment among those participating in the school
  • Increased safety and decreased physical disruptions/misbehavior
  • Involvement of families in the school community

Our Philosophy

FAME believes that, “educators must invite students to experience the world’s richness, empower them to ask their own questions and seek their own answers, and challenge them to understand the world’s complexities" (Brooks and Brooks, pp. 5, 1999).  Specifically, we have determined that learning best occurs in an environment that:

  • is accepting of varied methods of demonstrating knowledge
  • promotes physical and emotional health and well being and supports questions, experimentation, self-expression, creativity and appropriate risk taking
  • is relevant and authentic
  • is developmentally supportive
  • is democratic and student centered
  • models and requires high-level thinking skills
  • incorporates language learning and multi-cultural education
  • celebrates and brings relevance to cultural and individual diversity
  • models self reflection and self assessment
  • is rich and demanding and promotes depth of learning
  • is psychologically safe
  • provides a variety of ways for students to engage in coursework and in the community

Our Goals

FAME seeks to insure that:

  • All students will demonstrate grade-level proficiency in reading and writing.
  • All students will demonstrate mastery of designated outcome goals in the areas of English Literature, History, Math, Science, Art, and /or a Foreign Language.
  • All students will demonstrate mastery of skills related to college preparation and success in continued education and/or career objectives or other post high school plans upon graduation.
  • All students will demonstrate the development of a social conscience.
FAME creates a dynamic educational experience for every student geared towards optimizing each child’s learning potential. Our administrators, teachers and parents form a collaborative team committed to educational excellence and the development of life-long learners.


Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs)

FAME Public Charter School, in collaboration with school stakeholders, will prepare its students to become:

Self-directed learners who:

    • Create and use an educational plan to set personal and academic goals based on individual strengths, interests, and learning styles.
    • Use self-evaluation, adult, and peer feedback to assess and improve progress towards goals.
    • Exhibit effective study and work habits that include, but are not limited to, regular attendance, time management skills, and on-time assignments.
    • Demonstrate self respect by developing a strong work ethic towards personal and academic goals and an understanding of the value of learning for self improvement.
    • Discover, develop, and pursue individual passions.

Community members who:

    • Understand the democratic process and role of citizenship.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of human diversity and an understanding for the breadth of individual difference.
    • Exhibit respect and tolerance in daily interactions, both verbal and nonverbal, towards peers, adults, and the community at large.
    • Demonstrate social learning by engaging in cooperative activities such as team- work, task sharing, and collaborative projects.
    • Exhibit social, moral, and behavioral maturity by taking responsibility for their decisions and actions.

Complex thinkers and problem solvers who:

    • Analyze and apply new information to everyday situations.
    • Develop critical and meaningful questions and search for answers.
    • Use technology to conduct research, develop reports, and presentations.
    • Connect ideas across the curriculum to accomplish meaningful tasks

Academic achievers who:

    • Demonstrate high expectations for their scholarly and personal accomplishment.
    • Meet or exceed the learning objectives of the California State subject area content standards.

Effective Communicators who:

    • Write and speak with confidence and clarity to a diverse audience.
    • Communicate needs in a responsible and respectful manner.
    • Listen and read attentively and actively to understand the messages of others.

A Word About Charter Schools

FAME is a California Public Charter School. A charter school is a public school and no tuition is charged. FAME Public Charter School was founded on the belief that students, parents, and communities deserve educational alternatives and choice. The charter school movement in general was founded on this belief. As more research has come available on childhood development, emotional and intellectual intelligences, and the different ways in which children learn, it has become necessary to look at ways curricular programs can be modified, adapted, or designed to meet these varying needs. Charter schools were established to meet these needs and provide viable educational options throughout California. We are committed to the charter school movement and to providing a quality educational program that is accountable not only to local and state regulators, but to our students, their parents, and the communities within which they live.

For more information about California Charter Schools, please use the following link:http://www.charterassociation.org/cnt_about_charter_description.asp