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Meet the FAME Board Members

Naeem Malik, Board President
An entrepreneurial Product Management Executive with a broad and unique combination of 39 years of experiences in Product Development, R&D Engineering, Customer Support, Sales, Marketing and Operations in Telecommunications, VOIP, Wireless including LAN, WLAN, PAN, WWW, Internet, public access hot spots, wireless broadband, Mortgage, Banking, Commercial Real Estate, Business, Merger & Acquisition, access and ultra-wide band and network products. Startup, Board Management, Corporate management, VC funding and turn around management experience in Profit & Non-Profit Corporation.
Phone:             510-687-9111       Ext: 510-396-4382

Mohammed Taher Shaikh, Secretary

Muhammad Kafil, Vice President

Rebecca Patterson, Treasurer

Yasmin Vanya Yasmin

Abid Saeed

The Charter School is operated by a California 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation, Bay Area School for Independent Study, Inc. The Articles of Incorporation of BASIS, Inc., include the operation of FAME and are filed with the California Secretary of State. The Charter School is governed pursuant to the BASIS, Inc. corporate bylaws, which are consistent with this charter.

Non-Profit Board of Directors BASIS, Inc., a five-to-seven-member Board of Directors, governs the School. The Board’s major roles and responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • monitoring the aggregate academic achievement of FAME students;
  • establishing and approving all major educational and operational policies (a ‚Äúmajor‚ÄĚ policy is one that fundamentally determines how FAME operates or educates its students);
  • overseeing the School‚Äôs fiscal affairs;
  • approving the School‚Äôs annual budget;
  • approving contracts consistent with the School‚Äôs fiscal policies;
  • selecting an independent auditor;
  • selecting and evaluating chief executive officers;; and
  • meeting corporate requirements.

Vacancies are filled as follows:

Vacancies on the Board of Directors may be filled by approval of the Board of Directors or, if the number of directors then in office is less than a quorum, by (1) the unanimous consent of the directors then in office, (2) the affirmative vote of a majority of the directors then in office at a meeting held according to notice or waivers of notice complying with Corporations Code Section 5211, or (3) a sole remaining director. Please see our bylaws for more information.

Notices of board openings are posted to the FAME website and at school sites. The postings describe the time period and method for interested candidates to present their interest in joining the Board. Board members will consider interested applicants for Board membership and vote to approve any new member as an item on the agenda of an open meeting that has been noticed according to California Corporations Code Section 5211 and Brown Act requirements. Only current Board members vote for new members, as defined in Article VII, Section 11 of the bylaws.

Parent Participation

We encourage the development of a parent/teacher organization (PTO) at each location made up of parents and guardians of FAME students and FAME teachers whose primary role is to provide support and feedback regarding site activities. The PTO operates independently from the school. The PTO holds meetings throughout the year allowing parents to hear how the School operates, how it provides educational service, and how it is accountable to the community. The School also promotes parent participation by supporting and strongly encouraging parents and guardians to contribute a minimum of 20 hours per year of volunteer work, of which at least five (5) hours occurs in their child’s classroom. The PTO also may plan special events and fundraisers for the School, coordinate teacher appreciation week, and School celebrations.

Decision Making Process

The Governing Board schedules monthly meetings based on an annual calendar. The meeting dates and times as posted are subject to change within the limits of the Brown Act but are memorialized each year as an annual calendar for planning purposes. The meetings are typically held at FAME’s main administrative offices in Newark, but may also be scheduled at FAME Public Charter School site based locations or resource centers on occasion. Meeting agendas are posted at the main office and all school sites as well as distributed directly to our parent-teacher organization leadership. FAME staff, parents, students and members of the community are encouraged to attend to keep abreast of school operations. Each meeting allows for public comment on items both on the agenda and off of the agenda.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for oversight of the day-to-day operations of the school. The CEO recommends policy and procedure to the board and in collaboration with the school’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), develops the annual operating budget for approval. The Parent-Teacher Organization and FAME’s Leadership team serve as advisory bodies to the CEO presenting the interests of FAME’s education community contributing ideas, addressing matters of concern, and introducing prospective projects or “wish list” items that help the CEO and CFO make critical decisions regarding the development of the budget and programs.

FAME’s Parent-Teacher organization acts as a communication channel between parents, teachers, students, and groups both within and outside of the school community by means of regular meetings and special events. The meetings serve as a forum for the discussion of matters of interest and concern to the parents and teachers of the school in regard to the school programs and community. The PTO is given time during each board meeting to provide feedback to the board and as wells as to provide an update on their activities and meets regularly with the CEO to provide input about the school community.

The leadership team is comprised of the school’s directors and principals. The team has been formed to facilitate shared governance and to serve as an advisory group to the CEO in the development of school programs. The leadership team meets regularly with their staffs and solicits input regarding matters of concern to the school employees and represents the concerns to the CEO and the Board during monthly meetings.

Conflict Code

The School has adopted and shall abide by a Conflicts Code aligned with the Corporations Code and the Political Reform Act and any other conflicts laws applicable to charter schools.

Brown Act

The School complies with the Brown Act.

Organizational Chart

FAME’s current organizational chart, which the School Board may modify from time to time as the organization evolves, may be viewed by clicking here.

FAME Governance Documents
     2014-15 FAME Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)
     Articles of Incorporation
     Notice of 501c3
     EPA notification
     EPA Spending

   Board Policies
     Governing Board Member Orientation
     Fiscal PDF
     Governance PDF
     Personnel PDF
     Students PDF
     Early Kindergarten Enrollment & Admin policy
     UCP & Internal Complaint PDF
     Admisssions and Admin Procedures PDF
     Homeless Children PDF
     Pupil Recruitment PDF
     Student Fees and Fee Complaints PDF
     Staff hiring and release PDF
     Hiring, Evaluation & Termination Policy

Rights of Parents
     Right of Parents and Annual Notifications PDF
     Annual Notice РUniform Complaint Process
     Uniform Complaint Process (UCP) Form

Safety and Evacuation Plans
     Kearney St.
     Leslie St.
     San Leandro

Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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