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FAME Charter School is Closed effective June 30, 2015

Moving Forward, all CUME requests for your child should be sent to famestudents@acoe.org or faxed to 510.670.3516.

Admin offices :
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Welcome to FAME Independent Study!

FAME’s Independent Study program offers an innovative choice to families looking for educational options outside of the traditional classroom setting. FAME Independent Study is a home study program founded on the principles of Personalized Learning. Working together, parents, students and teachers develop and implement a learning plan for each student that centers on each child’s unique gifts, talents, and learning styles. A variety of curriculum, classes, and technologies can be used to optimize academic and personal achievement.
This section of our website contains detailed information and a wealth of resources for our Independent Study families. If you are new to the idea of home study and Personalized Learning, we recommend that you start with the Program Overview. Two additional resources that will help you better understand our program include our Student/Parent Handbook and newsletters.

As we enter a new semester, I know everyone is in high gear with their individual learning plans. Our younger students are busy with classes from new vendors such as the San Francisco Exploratorium or old partners such as Lindsey Wildlife Museum; while our high school students are engaged in meeting graduation requirements through work with their teachers, participation in community college classes, online learning, or the myriad of other options available to them.

Here at FAME independent study, we are proud to follow a “personalized learning” model that values the unique strengths of each and every one of our students. We believe it is this tailor-made education that allows each of our students an opportunity to grow and flourish in their own unique way. Happy Learning!


John Mittan

Principal, Independent Study