Enrollment | Fame Charter

FAME Charter School is Closed effective June 30, 2015

Moving Forward, all CUME requests for your child should be sent to famestudents@acoe.org or faxed to 510.670.3516.

Enrollment at FAME Independent Study

Who can enroll?

Enrollment in our school is open to all students in Alameda County and the six contiguous counties (Contra Costa, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Francisco) surrounding it.  We are a public school, therefore, no tuition is charged for enrollment.  Families choose to enroll in the FAME Independent Study program for a variety of reasons.  Surveys suggest that the following factors influence a family’s decision to choose an Independent Study learning program:

  • Students whose access to rigorous and challenging curriculum and learning resources are limited by economics and/or remote distances.
  • Students whose families have special concerns regarding their child’s social and emotional development.
  • Students with specialized skills, talents or abilities that require extensive travel (e.g., athletics, performing arts, etc.).
  • Students who migrate with their families during the year.
  • Students who are at risk of failing or dropping out of their district programs.
  • Students whose parents want more choice in curriculum and methods of instruction in order to tailor their child’s educational program.
  • Students whose personal life circumstances prevent them from fully participating in traditional forms of public or private education; i.e.; long-term physical illness, pregnancy, or other concerns related to physical safety, etc.
  • Students needing individualized instruction.

How to Enroll:

Our program offers a unique learning experience that can be beneficial to many students and their families.  However, students and parents need to be prepared for the personal commitment and time required in order for each child to have a successful learning experience. Some things to consider before enrollment:

  • What is your primary motivation for choosing Independent Study?
  • What are your expectations regarding home-based education and Personalized Learning?
  • Are you able to dedicate the time needed to facilitate your student’s academic activities?
  • Do you work outside of the home? If yes, who will be available to supervise your student’s daily learning?
  • Who will be available to meet with the FAME Independent Study teacher (at least once every 20 school days)?
  • Is your student motivated to learn and willing to work at home on their studies?
  • Will your child have opportunities for socialization if they are not in a traditional school setting?
Our program is designed to support and collaborate with parents and students with a variety of needs, educational philosophies, and issues. The important thing is that there is a high level of commitment by both the parent and the student to learning!

Parents wishing to pursue enrollment can download the enrollment forms from our website. Once we receive all required forms, your family will be assigned to an Independent Study teacher, if one is available. The teacher will contact you to set up an orientation meeting to finalize the enrollment process.  At this meeting the student’s educational goals and needs, curriculum options, and graduation requirements (if applicable) are discussed.  A Personalized Learning plan is developed and its implementation is reviewed.  All parties sign a document called the Master Agreement that constitutes a contract between the parent, student, teacher, and FAME detailing roles and responsibilities and each child’s educational plan.  The Master Agreement is renewed each semester.