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FAME Charter School is Closed effective June 30, 2015

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Project Mushru' Bolough Al Maram Arabic Foreign Language Assistance Program


FAME accepts new student Pre-Enrollment forms in the spring from interested families. Click here for information

Program Overview

Project Mushru’ Al Maram is a 5 year grant in partnership with FAME Public Charter Schools and Occidental College to expand and improve FAME’s existing Arabic foreign language program and begin FAME’s dual immersion Arabic program. Funding for this grant is from August 2010- June 2015.

What is Dual Language Immersion?

Dual Language Immersion programs bring together native English speakers and native speakers of another language in a unique opportunity for both groups to learn both languages to high levels. In the program at FAME’s Fremont Campus at Kearney, students are taught in Arabic for approximately half of the day and in English for the remainder of the day. Interactive, thematic lessons encourage students from both language groups to help each other to understand, speak, read and write in both languages.

Why Dual Language Immersion?

Language learning is natural for young children, and childhood is the ideal time to develop ease of expression and native-like pronunciation in a second language. For over 30 years, research in Canada and the United States has documented the impressive development of second language fluency and academic achievement of children in immersion programs. At the same time, immersion students have maintained and enriched their native language and literacy skills.

Goals of the Program

By the end of fifth grade students will:

  • Develop high levels of oral language proficiency and literacy in both Arabic and English
  • Demonstrate positive self-esteem, cross-cultural attitudes, and behaviors including the ability to participate effectively in a global society


Research shows that developing two languages during the elementary school years

  • Has a positive effect on intellectual growth and cognitive development
  • Gives children a better understanding of their native language
  • Develops positive cultural identity and understanding of other cultures
  • Gives the child a head start in language requirements for high school and college
  • Increases job opportunities in many careers where knowing another language is a real asset.
  • Develops a lifelong ability to approach problem-solving from multiple perspectives.

—Virginia Collier, 1996